Why Do We Feel Sleepy After a Big Delicious Meal?

Have you ever wondered why you always feel sleepy each time you have finished one big meal? This is true especially during the holidays. On Thanksgiving for instance, you eat as much food as you want.  Most people blame the turkey. It is said to contain a substance that makes people feel sleepy.

The truth is that this substance called tryptophan can also be found in other foods we eat on regular dishes, including cheese and eggs.

Apparently, there are lots of other factors that may affect your mood. To begin with, you are travelling during the holidays. You might feel a bit stressed because of the delayed flights. You also don’t get enough sleep. You even have jetlag especially for longer flights. You are already suffering from hormonal imbalance at that point. Add food to that equation and you won’t have control over your body. You will fall asleep even before you know it.

A signal to slow down

Delicious meals are usually high in fat and sugar. This explains why the body is given the signal to slow down and focus on digestion instead of searching for more food. This tells you to go to sleep and not do anything else.

Aside from the digestive system, the brain is also affected by what you eat. There is a part of the brain which is very sensitive to high glucose levels. With a sudden spike of glucose in the body, a protein called orexin is produced. This is what may help you fall asleep. Aside from orexin, other hormones such as serotonin and melatonin also increase when you eat a lot of sugary and fatty foods. As a result, you feel sleepier.

Not a sign of problem

Although you feel sleepy after eating a huge meal, it is not a sign of any health problem. Human beings, in general, respond this way especially when there is a sudden change in the type of food eaten as well as the quantity.

Just don’t give in to it. Don’t sleep just because your body tells you at that moment to close your eyes. This is true especially during the day. It could break your sleeping cycle and make it difficult for you to sleep at night. It is also unhealthy to sleep when your stomach is full. This may lead to health problems, especially acid reflux, as the food has not been properly digested yet.

Be careful with what you eat

The best way to solve this problem is to pick what you eat. There is nothing wrong in eating large meals every now and then, especially if there is a huge celebration. Thanksgiving or Christmas comes only once a year.

Avoid high-calories dishes and those that contain a lot of sugar. It also helps if you eat a lot during breakfast if there is a feast happening at night. Make it a protein-rich breakfast so it will be converted into muscle mass. Take it easy on carbs. Let go of rice and mashed potato on that day. Enjoy other dishes that are healthier so it won’t matter even if you munch more than usual.

During the party, lay off the booze. You are already eating all sorts of unhealthy dishes. You can’t afford to have a glass of alcohol too. Besides, when you are drunk, you have no control over your body. You will surely fall asleep whether you like it or not. During the toast, get a glass of water and pretend it’s white wine.

Make it up the following day. If you were unable to control yourself and you have eaten a lot during the holiday, double your exercise time. It helps if you can find a way to let go of excess fat brought by the amount of food you have eaten.

Don’t break your sleeping cycle

Whatever happens, make sure your sleeping cycle is not broken. It would be difficult to make it up when you have broken the pattern. If you need a new mattress, visit ChooseMattress to find one that that feels really comfortable so it would be easy for you to fall asleep when it is time to do so.

Now that you understand the reason behind being sleepy after a huge meal, it is time to watch what you eat.

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