Traditional British Food Starts From Home


While hunting for local cuisine, the place to start is a family kitchen. It is here that traditional food recipes are generated. It is only at home traditional food styles are generated. Restaurants in England serve multi-cuisine food that is generally from Spain, Germany, China, India and even Africa. High end restaurants offer delicacies from across the world. But when you are looking for authentic English food then your road ends at a country home. There are many varieties of English food, and this includes soups, stews and other staple food of England. There are hot dishes that keep you warm during the cold season. The common people of England have hidden their traditional recipes in their homes, and this is where you can find genuine food of the English people.

Tea time delicacies are famous in England, and every old classic will have a mentioned of the mouth-watering sweets and pastries that are spread during tea time. Steaming hot pot of tea with some tender tea cakes and delicate sweets can go well together. This type of food has been popular since the 1800s, and you can still find street cafes in London catering to these treats. Apart from sweets and pastries there are puddings that can be added to the afternoon tea time list. The best among them includes Yorkshire pudding that is relished by the bourgeois and working class alike. It is also believed that a typical British food will commence with a pudding and end with a pudding.

Characteristic British food did not originate in England it has been adopted from various regions across the globe. When settlers came to England, they left back their delicacies to be adapted by the locals. Travellers from various parts of the world brought with them different aspects of culinary skills that they left with the British to be promoted. Early seafood items were very limited in the menu but thanks to the Mediterranean influence the English now have a spread of seafood on their menu. Even today the most typical of English food happens to be practiced in homes across the country. Though they have taken some mutations yet, the character of the cuisine remains the same.

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