Great Food And Wine Destinations In London


Not just tourists even locals need to get an idea on which place to eat and drink in London. There are many hot destinations in London that can tingle your taste bud. Some of the most exciting places in London that are must visit destination if you are a foodie or looking for some fine drinks then this is the place to start. Mark Hix with his Belgraves Hotel has made the Belgravia borders famous. It is not just famous for its mezzanine bar and cigar garden but has more to it. There is plenty of experimentation here that can leave the guests guessing. The food at the bar is worth a ponder. The delights include Moyallon Shorthorn sirloin steak sandwich, scrambled white duck egg and more to discover.

Flute Champagne Bar at Fitzrovia is a happening place since it was inaugurated last year. This has a private place and is a favourite among lovers. Apart from sparkling wines and twinkling champagne, the bar also offers some must try snacks. The Lucky Pig is another destination that is famous for its curtained booths. There is the Riding House Cafe for a social gathering. St John’s Hill is the right place if you want to while away a day. The Ben’s Canteen offers an appetizing brunch, and there is new Plough bar cum restaurant that offers lunch in small plates including their famous black pudding scotch egg. For the evenings, the Victorian age bar cum restaurant the all new Powder Keg Diplomacy would be the ideal location.

If you are in London, do not forget to visit the Soho’s Dean Street that is a destination for street food. Some of the best places to visit include the Dean Street Townhouse, Cay Tre, Polpetto and Duck Soup. Also, check out the Bistro Du Vin from the house of Bistro Du Vin. The meat is elaborate and is full of the goodness of meat. Here you can find yummy sweet bread, bone marrow and calf liver. Moreover, there are over 2000+wines to taste and some 70 cheese to tingle your taste buds. Meat Mad Mayfair is everything to do with meat. Check out the Wolfgang Puck’s Cut on Park Lane restaurant for organic beef specialities.

Understand London’s Food & Beverages World


London is the hot destination for tourism, university trips, culinary tourism and more. The importance of the city in terms of food is being explored during various stages and with an international population on the rise confluence of cultures has paved the way for more interactive cuisine in London. There are some traditional locales that are must visit for foodies in London. A walk down the Billingsgate and Smithfield market can give you the knowledge of how ingredients are procured for English cooking. Then there is Vinopolis that can give you a taste of the best wines and alcoholic beverages that are authentic to the city.

So, what do you find in Billingsgate Market? You can get all your cooking ingredients to make your English dishes more authentic here. Find fish, corn, wine, coal and other groceries. The market has the tradition of being associated with fish since the 16th century. Billingsgate Market was earlier located in East London very close to the Canary Wharf. The place was later relocated from 1982. The market transacts with 25,000 tonnes of fish every year. This is around 40% of fish that is imported from the overseas. Apart from raw fish, fish products like smoked fish are also available for sale. The market is also famous for organic fish products. Find the market open through Tuesday to Saturday.

Smithfield Market has a livestock market for more than 800 years. Customers can walk through the stores where various types of meat are sold. People in the hospitality business find this the one stop destination for all their livestock needs. Here you can get a chance to interact with butchers and find out more about the meat products. The market is open from Monday through Friday and is closed during weekends. Vinopolis is over the Bankside area where you can find some fine wine for tasting. There are wine tasting events that happen in the city that gives an opportunity for wine lovers to experience the best in from the world of wine and spirit. Find some of the best wines, whiskeys, rum and cocktails in the market. You can also get to taste some good food here.