Should You Cook Your Food with Softened Water?

Should You Cook Your Food with Softened Water

For decades cooks and chefs around the world have constantly been experimenting with new recipes, and special ingredients to not only make food taste better, but make it healthier as well. However there tend to be issues with that plan of action. Often when you make food healthier, it tends to taste a little worse. However there is a way to not only make your food a little healthier, but also taste good at the same time. The real secret that’s not a really a secret is, cooking your food with softened water processed by units like the Aquios water softener.

So what is softened water, and how does it improve cooking?

Honestly, the magic behind softened water is really simple and a very easy process to undergo. By having a soft water filter, it really is as easy as installing the water softener and then turning on your tap. By filtering out harsher minerals and small microns, you can actually make your water cleaner and better tasting.


Applying soft water techniques to your cooking is the next step in the process. The biggest difference when cooking with soft water will be when it comes to dough. Any type of recipe that calls for dough is a great way to apply soft water cooking. From pizza and calzones, to bagels and pasta, using soft water in the dough can eliminate harder minerals like magnesium and sodium, which can actually slow down the yeasting process in bread. Filtering out those harsh minerals can make your dough taste twice as good, and can actually cut the time of the process by about a fourth.


Vegetables and lentils are another great example of soft water cooking pros. When boiling veggies or lentils in regular water, you can actually lower vitamin and flavor content; just from those harsher minerals constantly being pushed in and out of the food being prepared. The time it takes for the water to boil and the contents to boil is also affected. Using soft water can not only save you time when boiling veggies and lentils, but it also eliminates the chance of you overcooking them, and leaving them bland.

Issues with Salt in Softened Water

One of the biggest concerns for water softeners is the fact that many think it adds too much sodium to the water, and it becomes unhealthy. While the water softener does in fact add sodium, it actually less sodium than you would find in a piece of white bread. While this isn’t a large amount of sodium, over the course of a year or five years, it can add up. Which is why there are also potassium water softeners that take a lot of the sodium away from the soft water. This can add even value to your cooking, should you be on a sodium diet, you can start to make dishes that should have sodium added to them, and instead just use soft water.

All in all, using soft water for cooking can improve taste, especially when it comes to dough, veggies, lentils, and anything in a soft shell. It also reduces the time it takes to cook these staples as well. So you’re saving time, money, and have a full-proof method to make food taste better, while also being a little healthier, what more could you ask for?

How Drones Could Deliver Food in the Future

food-droneWhen most people hear the word “drones” they immediately think of the military and weaponry.  However, there are many more uses for drones than war.  Drones, when put in the right hands, can change the world for the better. Technology does not always have to be harnessed by those who wish to destroy one thing or another.  In fact, there are numerous groups forming at this very moment who are committed to finding a way for drones to feed the planet in the future. They are not simply these little toys like the UDI U818A for example, there are stronger industrial drones and quadcopters too.

Bringing Food to Those Who Cannot Find It

Despite the prevalence of convenience brought on by modern technological advances, there are still some people in the world who do not have easy access to food and drinkable water.  Regardless of their efforts, certain pockets of the world’s population go without adequate nutrition for the simple fact that they are difficult to reach.  Well, that can all change with the use of well-equipped drones.

Keeping Charity Safe and Effective

Companies and charitable organizations can utilize drones for the betterment of mankind, instead of just for winning conflicts.  Drones are essentially unmanned aerial vehicles, which means they are quite inexpensive to operate.  Where human beings cannot go, a drone can – making it the perfect tool for reaching into treacherous territory where people go hungry as a result of their location.  In addition, drones make it easy for food delivery services to be provided to areas dealing with emergency situations such as war, and best of all nobody’s life has to be put in danger to do so.

Making Modern Living More Comfortable

Drones can be used to deliver food to highly developed areas as well.  The use of drones to get food and supplies from one place to another might likely become a common trend in the future.  Say goodbye to delivery trucks which require licensed drivers, constant maintenance, and an endless supply of materials.  Drones simplify the process and may very well be used in the future to deliver food in much the same way as a delivery driver might do today.

In fact, numerous companies are switching to the use of drones for this purpose for the simple fact that it saves them a lot of time and money.  Drones can be loaded with food, water, and other supplies where a pilot would have been sitting, allowing delivery companies and charitable organizations to make as much of an impact as possible.  Due to the rising cost of living and the decrease of natural resources, drones are poised to become a popular option for businesses that wish to stay relevant in the modern market.

Drones Deliver Food and Hope to the World

This all just goes to show that technological advances can be put to good use when we are creative and only if we keep the good of humanity on our minds.  Drones, although somewhat intimidating, can serve a peaceful purpose and could make modern living more exciting.

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

cup-of-coffeeIf you’re interested in enjoying a cup of coffee which provides the ultimate in balanced flavour and richness, you’ll enjoy this guide. Our guide to how to make the perfect cup of coffee will make you feel like a Starbucks barista and the information that we are posting here will be very easy to follow…

Invest in a high-quality coffeemaker. There are different options here, such as French presses, percolator-style coffeemakers, coffeemakers which accept pods and so on.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll find that an inexpensive French press is a great option. However, no matter what you choose, you’ll need good coffee in order to make the perfect cup of “Joe”.

Next, consider what other equipment you need. Some coffeemakers will require filters – others won’t. All will require coffee. Coffee comes in a range of varieties, so personal taste factors in here.

What do you enjoy at cafes? If you get a Dark Roast at Starbucks, this may be a great type of coffee to invest in. If you can’t afford to buy coffee beans or ground coffee at Starbucks, you should be able to find a good-quality Dark Roast blend for lower prices. Shop around online in order to find coffees that suit your tastes and your budget.

When you follow the coffee machine instructions to the letter, by using the right amount of coffee and utilising the machine properly, you’ll be able to get stellar results. So, it’s best not to change things up by adding more or less coffee than is recommended. Just do what the instructions say.

After your coffee is ready, consider add-ons in order to give it more taste and richness. While your coffee should taste great “black”, there are ways to boost the flavour of coffee, including the usual milk, cream and/or sugar. Other flavourings to consider include soy milk, almond milk and flavoured whiteners. It’s also possible to buy syrups which will allow you add “flavour shots” to every cup – flavours that are popular include Hazelnut and French Vanilla – however, there are plenty more to try.

Follow Our Coffee-making Tips Today

Our tips should help you to make delicious coffee whenever you want to. Now that you know the secrets of making great coffee, which include purchasing the right coffeemaker, using it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, selecting high-quality coffee and flavouring the coffee that you’ve made, you’ll be ready to create coffee which really satisfies.

One last tip is to buy a coffee grinder. Once you’ve ground up beans, you’ll find that you are able to make coffee with a fresher, richer, more intense flavour. Coffee grinders are easy to use and they add the professional “barista” touch to at-home coffee making. Shop for a coffee grinder online or find one at a local shop.

Buying higher-quality coffee in bulk will help you to economise, while still accessing premium quality. You’ll usually save money by purchasing coffee in bulk, whether you buy ground coffee or beans.