Can You Carry Your Weekly Food Shopping Home On A Hoverboard?

Can You Carry Your Weekly Food Shopping Home On A HoverboardOwning a hoverboard can be exciting. It allows you to do something that once seemed like an impossibility. It gives you the desire to try out new and different things every other day. As you continue riding your hoverboard, you gain much experience and skills which makes it easier for you to operate your board with ease. The possibility of carrying your weekly food shopping home on a hoverboard is a good example. But is it really possible? The truth of the matter is that it all depends on your riding skills. It can either be a yes or a big no. The following argument elaborates clearly.

Firstly, a hoverboard relies on your body for stability. This can best be achieved by using your arms. Because stability increases when there is a decrease in the centre of gravity, you will need to adjust your arms properly so as to lower your centre of gravity and attain the state of stable equilibrium (balance). But this cannot be achieved when you are holding your shopping bag in one hand when you are riding.

Humans spread out their arms when they feel like they’re about to lose balance. Despite the balancing mechanism behind these scooters, one can easily panic and fall over while riding a hoverboard. Now imagine how it will be if you lose your balance while carrying shopping bags full of food? Yes, you’ll be down on your bum with your milk carton, eggs, and whatnots splattered around you on the sidewalk. That’ll be a good chunk of your weekly food budget scattered on asphalt. Not a very exciting thought, no?

Secondly, most shopping malls are located on main thoroughfares. This means there will be a lot of foot traffic pedestrian walkways and it will be right next to roads with vehicles passing by. Riding a hoverboard while carrying your shopping bags in such a busy road is not exactly what you would call safe. There is a great possibility that you will end up in an accident.

In fact, there are some states in the US that ban hoverboards on main roads simply because it poses as a threat not only to the rider but also to other pedestrians.

Lastly, a hoverboard works better with a lighter load than a heavier one. Your hoverboard may get overloaded when you add the weight of your food shopping bags on top of your own. In effect, your self-balancing scooter will not only move at a lower speed, there is also a risk of damaging the device.

Final Thought

In conclusion, it is quite clear that the risks involved in carrying your shopping home while riding a hoverboard are much greater than the convenience of not having to walk. So no, it probably isn’t a good idea to do this. After all, hoverboards were built to be recreational. That said, it is better to just ride your board for fun rather than make it a transportation option until such time as manufacturers are able to come up with a hoverboard which has extra safety features. This can’t be too far along as there are people already looking into the possibility of having food delivered by drones.

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