A Sneak Peak Into British Culture And Cuisine


Visit England is not complete without tasting their culture and cuisine. The traditional flavours of British food are still kept alive by passing it on to generations. The immigrant population have added more to the British food in terms of diversity. There is no doubt that the British food is served in some of the top restaurants across the world, and they have a dedicated audience for it. The diverse dishes and the experimentation have given the recipes larger audience. The new twist to the curry recipes has created a popular trend.

A complete English breakfast will compromise of bacon, sausages, fried eggs, fried bread, fried tomatoes and some toast. Black pudding is a type of sausage that most English love to have for breakfast. The lunch, especially on Sundays, is special. The lunch is made of some kind of meat roasted to perfection with fried potatoes and vegetables. For lunch time, Yorkshire pudding is a favourite, and it goes well with any form of roasted bread. For tea, there is always some cakes, cookies and jams. Tarts are preferred that are usually accompanied by jams and is always kept in stock. So when it is time for supper a quick snack along with hot cocoa is common.

In country homes, English cupboards are filled with sausage pies, cookies and more. Some of the most traditional dishes include roast chicken accompanied with bread and cranberry sauce. Sausage and mashed potatoes also complement each other. Shepherd’s pie where the bottom layer is usually minced lamb and the next layer would be mashed potatoes. Here also cooked carrots are used. Instead of lamb, beef may also be substituted. Steak goes well with kidney pie. Also boil a pot of meat, potatoes and onions in low fire. Try Cornish pasty and kedgeree. A kedgeree is nothing but flaked fish that is mixed with boiled rice, butter and egg. There is no end to the traditional dishes found in England, and it is definitely work the adventure.

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